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The Master Coaching Experience

Firstly I thank you the parent(s) for choosing Master Coaching as part of your child’s education. Education is an ongoing lifetime experience and the success at school will be repaid many times over during the years ahead. I am delighted that you have given MCP the opportunity to contribute to the success of your child.

Master Coaching Penrith (MCP) is more than just tuition in mathematics, English or any other subject.  At (MCP) we look at the total care for your child. Care for Students encompasses the gamut of educational experiences that shape the successful student.

  1. Education

(MCP) is an educational centre, and you can be sure that your child will be skilled in all the elements of a sound education. We have over 6000 specially prepared sheets of mathematics covering all aspects of the topics needed for a coaching school. Further (MCP) has developed unique methods of teaching topics that make mathematics easy to learn. Robert Ollis, the founder of the former Master Coaching, is the author of many unique methods that contribute to the success of our centre.  All teachers and coaches working in (MCP) have an opportunity to be trained in these methods and once trained they are given an authentic Teacher’s Training Certificate.  Please see some of our unique methods elsewhere on this web page.

  • Confidence Building.

We have always found that anyone in life will only achieve to a level that he/she realistically expects to achieve. All our coaching sessions are motivational sessions with the coaches trained in the “Art of Coaching” gearing the session to growing the students self image. (See “Psycho Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz).

We start by praising your child for their efforts, not their achievements. It’s a sad reality in schools today that often, “children who need praise the most, deserve it the least, and are never praised.” Praise promotes confidence that builds success.  At (MCP) we will be praising your child for all his/her efforts and we will be asking you to support us in this strategy.

  • Fostering Better Relationships

We realise that the majority of your child’s learning will be orchestrated through their school. By encouraging your child to support their teacher in the classroom we are fostering a team-building situation.  By continually fostering good relationships children gain more respect for their parents and siblings; as a consequence some of our better results to the family are not just the academic ones.

  • Creating A Positive Future

Everyone can benefit from coaching, particularly under the “Art of Coaching” experience. Parents, like you, bring their sons & daughters to coaching to give them a successful experience so that they can leave school with the confidence that they can be successful in life.  If you recall our philosophy, “All children have unlimited powers to achieve” but not all children want or need to go to university.  Every child though will leave school, and will need to have the confidence to challenge for their place in society. A good self-image can shield them from the world of hard knocks.

  • Attitude to Learning.

When learning is fun then the rate of learning increases dramatically.  At (MCP) we make learning fun by praise and encouragement. Today’s student will be locked in an ongoing learning situation necessitated by the rapid rate of technological advancement. A positive attitude to learning is an essential part of preparation for a successful future.

  • Your Guarantee

At any stage during the first four weeks of coaching you may ask for a full refund of all monies paid. This is an unconditional refund for that period, but the refund does not apply beyond that time.  We know that the genuine student will recognise immediately the advantage of being “Master Coached”.

When you enter our centre, read our promise, and remind yourself each week of that promise so that you can see that we are delivering the Total Care Package.  

I personally wish everyone a happy and peaceful holiday, and express the wish to continue to work with your student next year.

Over the summer we will be conducting Summer School for those students eager to start the New Year ahead of their cohorts. Details as follows:-

Days: Tuesday to Friday inclusive, Start Tuesday 7th January, 2020

Times: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm.

Cost: $50 for one hour, $80 for two consecutive hours, $100 for three consecutive hours

MCP survives and exists for your benefit. If you believe that we can improve our services in any area please let us know. If you are happy with our service, please tell your friends so that we may continue to provide that experience.

Yours sincerely

Robert Ollis

B.Sc., M.Sc., Dip. Ed.

December, 2019


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