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Master Coaching Australia

Master Coaching

  • Provides after school tuition in all school subjects, with emphasis on Maths, English and gifted and talented.
  • Started Business in 1984 and has operated continuously since that date.
  • Started franchising in 1993 and has sold 102 franchises in Australia.
  • First franchise to be on the internet and web, 1996.
  • First franchise to gain Quality Assurance in 1999 (now ISO 9001:2016).
  • Has mathematics material specifically written for Australian syllabus up to Year 10. Senior material for most states.
  • Reading Program won International Literacy Award 1990.
  • English Program.
  • No ongoing Royalty payment.
  • Continuous operation since 1984


  • “Just wanted to let you know Caitlyn passed her first ever maths test. She got 32/44 for her Year 9, ½ yearly exam. That is a massive achievement.

    Thank you so much for your help and guidance, looking forward to seeing more results like this. Caitlyn’s confidence grows with each lesson. “

    Caroline Chisholm
  • “I thought I’d lost my enjoyment of teaching, but owning a coaching franchise has given it back to me.”

  • “A very decent income, work I love, short hours and a great sense of achievement… thank you, Rob.”

  • “Master Coaching & its philosophy is what teaching’s REALLY about…. or should be!”

  • “I’ve only owned a Master Coaching franchise for a year… but my whole life has changed… so much for the better!”

  • “One time waking up in an ambulance was enough! Now I’m relaxed, enjoying my work & play and financially comfortable! You were right, Rob!”


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+61 2 4722 3072
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Tuesday-Friday:2:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Saturday:9:30 am to 4:00 pm
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